Hanefeld Rechtsanwälte recognised as Dispute Resolution Law Firm of the Year

Hanefeld Rechtsanwälte received the JUVE 2017 Award as Dispute Resolution Law Firm of the Year.

Nomination JUVE Awards 2017

Hanefeld Rechtsanwälte nominated for the JUVE Award as "Kanzlei des Jahres für Dispute Resolution".

Moderating an ICC YAF event in Düsseldorf

Dr. Nils Schmidt-Ahrendts moderates a panel on "The impact of the energy revolution in Germany on electricity supply contracts" at an ICC YAF event in Düsseldorf.


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Teaching assignments

  • Dr. Inka Hanefeld, LL.M. was a lecturer on domestic and international arbitration law at the University of Hamburg until 2013 and is a fellow lecturer at the New York University School of Law (September 2012/2016).
  • Jan Heiner Nedden, M.M. lectures on domestic and international arbitration law at the University of Hamburg and teaches domestic and international arbitration law at the Summer Academy on International Dispute Resolution at the University of Heidelberg and the Swiss Arbitration Academy in Zurich/Geneva.
  • Dr. Nils Schmidt-Ahrendts is a permanent lecturer on arbitration law and the CISG at the University of Freiburg and the European Business School in Wiesbaden, and lectures on international arbitration as part of the International Dispute Resolution Master's program at Humboldt University in Berlin.
  • Dr. Friedrich Rosenfeld is Global Adjunct Professor of Law at NYU Law in Paris, lecturer for investment arbitration at Bucerius Law School and visiting professor for arbitration at the International Hellenic University, Thessaloniki (since 2013).


10/25/2017Powers, duties and jurisdiction of arbitratorsJörn Hombeck, LL.M.ABAS Event - AIA Brussels Arbitration School 2017BrüsselBelgium
10/13/2017Corporate Disputes and ArbitrationDr. Johanna BüstgensAnnual Conference of the German-Russian Law InstituteKielGermany
09/29/2017Diverging Approaches towards the Set-Aside of Arbitral AwardsDr. Friedrich Rosenfeld3rd International Arbitration CongressIstanbulTurkey
06/23/2017Admissibility of Evidence Obtained Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1782(a) in State Court Proceedings before German CourtsFabian Klein, Maître en droitN.N.StuttgartGermany
06/16/2017International Commercial Arbitration / Challenges of Arbitrators / Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral AwardsDr. Friedrich RosenfeldSeminar of NYU and the Thai Arbitration CentreBangkokThailand
04/07/2017Weak Parties in International ArbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldConference on the Launch of the Cambridge Compendium on International ArbitrationViennaAustria
04/06/2017Rule of Law and ArbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldILA Committee Meeting, ViennaViennaAustria
03/14/2017The impact of energy revolution in Germany on electricity supply contractsJörn Hombeck, LL.M.ICC YAF eventDüsseldorfGermany
11/24/2016Equality of Arms in Fact-Gathering in State Court Proceedings before German Courts with Participation of Foreign PartiesFabian Klein, Maître en droitN.N.GrazAustria
11/23/2016Choice of Law Approaches in International ArbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldExpert WorkshopTilburgGermany
11/16/2016The Backlash against Investment ProtectionDr. Friedrich RosenfeldWalther Schücking InstituteKielGermany
10/31/2016The Rome Regulations in International ArbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldConference on the Impact of EU Law on International Commercial ArbitrationNew YorkUSA
10/21/2016Minimising unconscious bias - a checklist for arbitratorsDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsUnconscious Bias & NegotiationViennaAustria
10/21/2016Changing Paradigms of Investment Protection – TTIP and BeyondDr. Friedrich Rosenfeld12th International M&A ConferenceMilanItaly
10/19/2016The arbitrator’s competenceJörn Hombeck, LL.M.ABAS event at AIA Brussels Arbitration SchoolBrusselsBelgium
09/12/2016Seminar on International ArbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldHanoi Law UniversityHanoiVietnam
09/08/2016Tribunal Assisted Settlements in International Arbitration - Parties' Expectations and the Role of the TribunalJörn Hombeck, LL.M.ICC YAF eventZurichSwitzerland
08/24/2016Recent Developments in Energy Investment ArbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldAIJA CongressMunichGermany
06/23/2016Creating a legal basis for anti-suit injunctions as enforceable decisions of an arbitral tribunal?Jörn Hombeck, LL.M.DIS40 regional group northHamburgGermany
05/27/2016Roundtable moderator at the Co-Chairs’ CircleDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsICC YAFHelsinkiFinland
05/24/2016Procedural Challenges in International ArbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldSummer School in Transnational Commercial Agreements, Litigation and ArbitrationVicenzaItaly
05/10/2016Modernising International Investment Agreements and Investor-State Dispute Settlement MechanismsDr. Friedrich RosenfeldOECD Capacity Building WorkshopJordanJordan
05/02/2016Recent Challenges of Investment ArbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldLions ClubHamburgGermany
04/28/2016The Investment Chapter of TTIPDr. Friedrich RosenfeldAmerica CenterHamburgGermany
04/08/2016Panellist in an Oxford-style debateDr. Inka Hanefeld, LL.M.Conference organized by Young ArbitralWomen PractitionersZurichSwitzerland
04/07/2016Arbitrating East-West Disputes in the Time of SanctionsDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsICC YAFHelsinkiFinland
03/26/2016Document productionDr. Nils Schmidt-Ahrendts"YIAG meets Vis" event during the Vis MootViennaAustria
02/11/2016Damages under the CISGDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsHanover PreMoot ConferenceHanoverGermany
12/01/2015Introduction to Investment ArbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldHamburg Arbitration SchoolHamburgGermany
11/25/2015The Proposal for a New Investment CourtDr. Friedrich RosenfeldExpert WorkshopTilburgGermany
11/23/2015Viennese Waltz or Wrestling – How Arbitral Tribunals deliberate and take decisionsJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.DIS40 Rhein/Ruhr eventDüsseldorfGermany
11/06/2015The Future of Arbitration under TTIPDr. Friedrich RosenfeldFall conference of DSJVBerlinGermany
11/04/2015Arbitral activism v impartialityDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsKiev Arbitration DaysKievUkraine
09/19/2015Limits to Party Autonomy imposed by Mandatory European LawDr. Inka Hanefeld, LL.M.Conference hosted by NYUNew YorkUSA
09/19/2015Limits to Party Autonomy to Protect Weak Parties in International Commercial ArbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldConference hosted by NYUNew YorkUSA
09/11/2015N.N.Dr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsLCIA/YIAG - Tylney HallLondonUnited Kingdom
09/04/2015Independence and impartiality – the new IBA GuidelinesDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsICC YAF eventCopenhagenDenmark
06/27/2015Early dismissal of claims in investment arbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldN.N.TübingenGermany
06/26/2015Arbitral awards: A quality testJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.Arbitration seminar hosted by the Europa Institut of the University of ZurichZurichSwitzerland
05/26/2015Emergency arbitrators – success stories and challengesDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsICC YAF eventCologneGermany
05/21/2015The distinction between admissibility and jurisdiction in international arbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldIX International Seminar on Private International LawMadridSpain
05/20/2015Current developments in sports arbitration in GermanyJörn Hombeck, LL.M.Meeting of the DIS40 regional group northHamburgGermany
05/07/2015Deliberations of the Arbitral TribunalJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.DIS Spring ConferenceDresdenGermany
05/05/2015German Law as an alternative in international contractsJörn Hombeck, LL.M.ICC Austria seminarDornbirnAustria
03/27/2015How to win an arbitration on weak pointsDr. Friedrich RosenfeldGenerations in Arbitration conferenceViennaAustria
03/20/2015Security for costs in international arbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldBelgrade Arbitration ConferenceBelgradeSerbia
03/04/2015Introduction to International ArbitrationJörn Hombeck, LL.M.Bucerius Law SchoolHamburgGermany
03/04/2015Challenges for a new generation of arbitratorsDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsICC YAF eventFrankfurt am MainGermany
01/01/2015No Notice of Dispute Necessary? Stays of Proceedings and Referral to ArbitrationAaron de Jong, LL.B., LL.M.N.N.PerthAustralia
01/01/2015An Introduction to the Construction Contracts Act 2004Aaron de Jong, LL.B., LL.M.N.N.PerthAustralia
01/01/2015Recourse to Performance Securities: Sugar Australia Pty Ltd v Lend Lease Services Pty LtdAaron de Jong, LL.B., LL.M.N.N.PerthAustralia
12/10/2014How to make your first arbitration not your lastJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.YAC seminarCopenhagenDenmark
11/27/2014International ArbitrationDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsYAAP roundtableViennaAustria
11/27/2014The Use of Investment Arbitration to Overcome Compliance Deficits with the New York ConventionDr. Friedrich RosenfeldMexican Arbitration CentreMexico CityMexico
11/19/2014The Value of the IBA Guidelines on Taking of EvidenceDr. Inka Hanefeld, LL.M.Convergence and Divergence of Investment and International Commercial Arbitration conferenceSanto DomingoDominican Republic
11/19/2014Violating the New York Convention as Grounds for Claims under BITsDr. Friedrich RosenfeldConvergence and Divergence of Investment and International Commercial Arbitration conferenceSanto DomingoDominican Republic
11/19/2014The future of investment arbitrationDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsICC YAF conferenceHamburgGermany
11/10/2014Counsel ethics in international arbitrationDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsYIAG conferenceIstanbulTurkey
11/04/2014ICC Arbitration: From a Request for Arbitration until the Arbitral AwardJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.ICC IWIS SeminarStuttgartGermany
10/07/2014Bridging the Gap between Commercial and Investment Arbitration at the Enforcement StageDr. Friedrich RosenfeldNYU Global Fellows ForumNew YorkUSA
09/18/2014Predictability and flexibility seen from a client's perspectiveDr. Inka Hanefeld, LL.M.DIS fall conferenceBerlinGermany
09/01/2014The State of the International Law on ReparationsDr. Friedrich RosenfeldInternational Criminal CourtThe HagueNetherlands
06/18/2014Commencing and Conducting Arbitration: Views from France, Germany, the US and the UKJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.C5’s Forum on Transatlantic LitigationAmsterdamNetherlands
06/13/2014Participation in the Europe Hall DebateDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsICC YAF Regional conferenceRomeItaly
06/06/2014Recent Developments in Investment ProtectionDr. Friedrich RosenfeldDIS40 North eventHamburgGermany
05/08/2014Choice of the place of arbitration: London, Paris, Geneva or others?Jan Heiner Nedden, M.M.YAC Seminar on International ArbitrationCopenhagenDenmark
04/10/2014Possible Paradigmatic Changes in the Settlement of International InvestmentDr. Friedrich RosenfeldJoint ASIL/ILA MeetingWashington, D.C.USA
02/07/2014E-DiscoveryJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.ICC Young Arbitrators ForumDüsseldorfGermany
11/29/2013International Sales LawDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsEuropean Business SchoolWiesbadenGermany
11/26/2013Streitschlichtung im Zusammenhang mit dem Bau und der Planung von Offshore-WindparksDr. Inka Hanefeld, LL.M.Energy Arbitration Center SwitzerlandBerlinGermany
11/15/2013The New UNCITRAL Transparency Rules: How the concept of transparency differs in investment and commercial arbitrationJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.New Developments in International Commercial Arbitration 2013 ConferenceNeuchâtelSwitzerland
10/25/2013Interplay of Public and Private Paradigms in International Investment ArbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldDIS40 eventFrankfurt am MainGermany
09/27/2013Investment Arbitration & Sovereign DebtsDr. Inka Hanefeld, LL.M.Düsseldorf International Arbitration SchoolDüsseldorfGermany
08/30/2013Investment arbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldInternational Law Association ConferenceAthensGreece
08/29/2013Aufhebung des Schiedsspruchs aus Schiedsrichter- und ParteiensichtDr. Inka Hanefeld, LL.M.Hamburger SchiedsgesprächeHamburgGermany
06/14/2013Mock case under the 2012 ICC Rules of ArbitrationJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.ICC IWIS seminarBerlinGermany
06/13/2013Arbitration and Project FinanceDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsBaltic Arbitration Days 2013RigaLatvia
05/31/2013Managing the process: notice of the proceedings, appointing the tribunal, non-­payment of advances, fixing the procedure, managing the hearingDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsASA Below 40 conferenceGenevaSwitzerland
05/28/2013Arbitration in Denmark – Valuable insights from our Nordic NeighborsJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.Hamburg Arbitration CircleHamburgGermany
05/15/2013German law in international contractsDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsICC Austria SeminarViennaAustria
05/15/2013Dispute Resolution in International Financial TransactionsDr. Friedrich RosenfeldGlobal Law WeekNew YorkUSA
04/26/2013N.N.Dr. Friedrich RosenfeldConference on the Development of Procedural Forms and Methods of Dispute ResolutionYekaterinburgRussia
03/14/2013The CISG in ArbitrationDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsICC YAF conferenceParisFrance
02/23/2013N.N.Dr. Inka Hanefeld, LL.M.Petersberger Arbitration DayBonnGermany
02/13/2013Groups of Experts: A New Approach to Expert EvidenceDr. Nils Schmidt-Ahrendts"Evidence in Arbitration" conferenceWarsawPoland
02/08/2013Arbitration clauses in contracts: pitfalls and best practicesJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.1st Northern German Arbitration DayHamburgGermany
02/05/2013Investment arbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldEuropean Lawyers ForumNew YorkUSA
02/01/2013Project Finance Arbitration PanelDr. Inka Hanefeld, LL.M.Annual Spring Symposium at New York UniversityNew YorkUSA
11/22/2012Changing perspectives – from the arbitral institution to private practiceJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.DIS40 eventFrankfurt am MainGermany
11/20/2012The decision-making process in arbitral tribunalsJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.Hamburg Arbitration CircleHamburgGermany
11/07/2012Bridging the divide between party-appointed and tribunal-appointed expertsDr. Nils Schmidt-Ahrendtsinternational conferences in Wellington and AucklandAucklandNew Zealand
09/27/2012Workshop on "Alternative means of resolving international commercial disputes, in particular arbitration"Jan Heiner Nedden, M.M.1st Saar-Anwalt-TagSaabrückenGermany
09/24/2012Arbitration in Banking & FinanceDr. Inka Hanefeld, LL.M.N.N.New YorkUSA
07/10/2012Seminar on arbitrationDr. Friedrich RosenfeldN.N.EriwanArmenia
06/29/2012N.N.Dr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsInternational conference organized by the ICC YAFBerlinGermany
06/18/2012Sports ArbitrationDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsDIS 40 meetingBerlinGermany
06/12/2012Integration of Technologies in Legal MattersDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsN.N.DüsseldorfGermany
06/01/2012Mock case under the 2012 ICC Rules of ArbitrationJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.N.N.BerlinGermany
05/31/2012The new ICC Arbitration RulesJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.ICC IWIS eventBerlinGermany
05/11/2012Invitation as an expert on arbitration lawJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.1st Heidelberg Colloquium on Investment Protection LawHeidelbergGermany
05/08/2012The CISG - a good choice for buyersDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsIn-house seminarCologneGermany
04/17/2012Workshop on "German law as an alternative in international contracts"Dr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsSeminar of the ICC AustriaViennaAustria
03/10/2012The big unknown? The new ICC Rules of Arbitration in legal practiceJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.Workshop of the DAJVFrankfurt am MainGermany
02/08/2012Sports Arbitration in Germany - The Rules and Practice of the DIS Court of Arbitration for SportsDr. Nils Schmidt-AhrendtsInternational conference on sports arbitrationWarsawPoland
02/03/2012Possibilities and alternatives of dispute avoidance and dispute resolution in long-term contractsJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.Workshop on "Dispute resolution in the context of public private partnership projects"HamburgGermany
01/10/2012Do's and Don'ts when acting as an arbitratorJan Heiner Nedden, M.M.Conference organized by ICC DenmarkCopenhagenDenmark


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Pro bono

We take our social responsibility as a law firm very seriously and are involved in a wide variety of pro bono work.

  • We prepare students for international competitions such as the Vis Moot and Jessup Moot in simulated arbitration proceedings, and are active in various programs that encourage the development of young talent.
  • We regularly provide training for international interns and legal trainees. Through YEAT, we offer a unique insight into our work for highly qualified PhD candidates and LL.M. students.
  • We are engaged in international legal dialogue through our involvement with the law association of Hamburg e.V.
  • We support Hanseatic cultural life as donators to the Hamburg Cultural Foundation.