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Nomination JUVE Awards 2023

We are pleased to announce that #Juve has this year again recognized HANEFELD as a leading dispute resolution firm in Germany awarding it four stars:

⭐ Inka Hanefeld is lauded as “one of the best” and “highly professional”
⭐ Jan Heiner Nedden is recommended as delivering “work at the highest level"
⭐ Nils Schmidt-Ahrendts is regarded as “impressive - no matter by whom he is nominated as arbitrator”
⭐ Friedrich Rosenfeld is recognized as “brilliant”
⭐ Jörn Hombeck, LL.M. (Auckland) is regarded as having “great experience with complex disputes”
⭐ Sebastian Seelmann-Eggebert is appreciated for his “very clear and precise analyses”

In addition, Inka Hanefeld, Jan Heiner Nedden and Nils Schmidt-Ahrendts are listed among Germany’s most renown #arbitrators with Heiner and Nils also appearing on the most renown arbitration #counsel list.

Sincere thanks to our peers and clients for their recommendations.

HANEFELD Rechtsanwälte