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Recognition of HANEFELD Partners in JUVE arbitrator ranking

HANEFELD is proud to share that Partners Inka Hanefeld, Jan Heiner Nedden, and Nils Schmidt-Ahrendts have been recognized among the 30 leading arbitration practitioners in Germany by the inaugural JUVE Verlag für juristische Information GmbH arbitrator ranking.

⭐ Inka Hanefeld is recognized as one of very few internationally renowned German arbitrators and among the top three arbitrators in the country. She is praised as being a luminary and “working incredibly meticulously on her cases”.
Jan Heiner Nedden is lauded for his vast ICC experience, communication skills and outstanding chair qualities: “Case management and legal judgement are first class”.
Nils Schmidt-Ahrendts is singled out by his peers for his experience and efficiency. He is praised for his “in-depth expertise” and described as “in command and always well prepared”.

We wholeheartedly thank our peers, colleagues and clients for their appreciative feedback and congratulate all of our colleagues who are part of the ranking.

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